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Recently, one might argue that one of the more captivating stories in the news, outside the realm of US Politics, has been “April the Giraffe.”  April is pregnant and about to give birth. Since early February, a Facebook Live feed has been broadcasting April’s holding pen at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

Tens of thousands of viewers have been eagerly anticipating the birth of April’s baby. When the feed was initially broadcast, viewers were glued to their screens –  patiently awaiting the birth.  Then days went by.  Then weeks.  And still, there has been no giraffe calf in sight.  It’s coming – but we just don’t know exactly when?

This endless, epically long pregnancy brings to mind the arduous process of closing a deal with a very large corporation or institution.

The challenging, hierarchical, complex, bureaucratic, layered nature of these mammoth organizations can make the sale’s process feel like you’re giving birth to a 6-foot tall baby giraffe.

If you’ve ever had to sell into an organization that asked you to submit an RFP, navigate through their procurement department, and make you present your company’s capabilities presentation four times to four completely separate divisions…you know exactly what I mean.

I only have one word of advice on how to best contend with selling into large companies….PATIENCE.

These large organizations have processes that they have to get through to come to their decision. And, quite often, they can take a really long time.

Check in at frequencies that align with their schedule.  Trying to rush the process is not going to close the deal any faster…or speed up the birth of April’s baby.  Just be patient and know it’s going to be a while.


Lou Diamond is the Founder & CEO of THRIVE- a leading consulting and coaching company helping the best people and companies become even more amazing. He is also the author of the newly released international best-selling book “Master the Art of Connecting“.