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674: Christopher Burns – Men Mastermind
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674: Christopher Burns – Men Mastermind

Oct 05/2021

Christopher coaches men to master themselves and go within to manifest their dream reality outside. From the time we were children, we were sold that to be “worthy” and “valuable” we’re supposed to be tough, not show any emotions, be strong and muscular, have a fancy car, clothes, and house, supposed to have it all together and have all the answers. We’re programmed to believe that our answers and glory awaits us in war and battles, sleeping with women and having a fast and furious life.

Christopher Burns is on a mission to surround himself with legendary human beings and leaders because he’s committed to being the best version of himself. He serves men because there are many women’s coaches out there and there’s a fraction of that support available for men. Men are more likely to commit suicide. Men are more likely to keep their emotions pent up and they either explode in violent ways or through abuse with toxic substances or habits.

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