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650: Jessica Woodbeck – “Thrive Realty Co”
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650: Jessica Woodbeck – “Thrive Realty Co”

Aug 08/2021

Jessica Woodbeck is the founder of the Thrive Realty Co.

She gained momentum as an expert negotiator and a big thinker while negotiating multi-million dollar IT contracts for General Motors. In 2015 she turned her dream of a life by design and her passion for real estate into a full-time career. Her relentless pursuit of serving others allowed her to launch a team with her husband (Justin) and grow their organization from $5 Million to $20 Million in 3 years, all while raising their 3 children. And they didn’t stop there…

Jess and Justin continued their vision of Changing Lives & Building Wealth turning that $20 Million team into a $50 Million team, mortgage & title divisions, and in 2020 launched their boutique brokerage.

Jessica is a notable speaker and performance coach in and outside of the real estate industry. She has built her companies with an intense focus on leading from the heart and caring for wellness for the whole person.

Jessica connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.


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