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640: Helen Dayen – “Helen Unplugged”
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640: Helen Dayen – “Helen Unplugged”

Jul 08/2021

Helen Dayen is an executive coach with over 15 years of experience in leadership, sales, relationship management, business development, and executive coaching. She specializing in elevating influential leadership, honing executive presence, building teams and fostering stronger professional relationships.

Helen works with professionals in high stress/high demand industries such as finance, technology, and law. Helen enhances the effectiveness of executives and high performers as they face inflection points in their careers and businesses.

Helen is a former Wall Street veteran who worked as a sales executive in fixed income for various investment banks. Her experience is in sales and relationship building, which allows her to bring the transformative power of effective communication and high emotional intelligence to her clients. With a clear message and strong connections, Helen’s clients can become better leaders, team players, and influencers.

Check out this special leadership operating manual from The Dayen Group.

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