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603: Marisela Abasta – The Impossible is Possible
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603: Marisela Abasta – The Impossible is Possible

Apr 15/2021

Proving the impossible is possible! 

For the last 10 years Marisela Abasta has been helping people who are stressed out, overwhelmed feeling stuck in life by teaching them a powerful process to getting unstuck so they can live life with more Confidence, Clarity and Courage! But she’s on a mission to stop suicides by sharing with the world what depression really is. She’s passionate about changing the way the world sees and understands depression. No longer seeing it as an incurable disease but seeing as a symptom of unprocessed emotions from our past.  

She lived it! She healed it! She teaches it! 

She is the founder of The Life Empowerment Academy and creator of the Life Empowerment Process. 

Marisela is a mother of 5 and grandmother of 1. She’s a retired Navy wife living in San Diego, CA with her husband of 29 years and her last 2 kids left at home Melodi age 15 and Elijah age 12. 


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