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587: Daniel Ponce de Leon – “One Line Drive”
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587: Daniel Ponce de Leon – “One Line Drive”

Mar 09/2021

Daniel Ponce De Leon is a professional baseball player, husband, father and author.

Daniel wrote a book entitled One Line Drive, about his return to pitching after being hit in the head on the mound in AAA.

He suffered a major brain injury and subsequent surgery/rehab.  The story is about perseverance, family, faith, baseball, and triumph over tragedy that is extremely relatable to any person who has ever been told they weren’t good enough, or someone who has regained their passion for God, or someone who has had relationship issues that they had to work through to become better people.

It is also a behind the scenes look at a current Major League Baseball player and what goes through their preparation to be the best.

Daniel connects with Lou Diamond and shares his story on Thrive LOUD.

Daniels book “One Line Drive” is available on March 9th, 2021 by clicking this link.



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