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525: “G” Leavitt – CODE FOR EQUITY
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525: “G” Leavitt – CODE FOR EQUITY

Oct 13/2020

“G” Gaydon Leavitt is an Automation & Business Intelligence Expert GODSEND | Business Exit Strategy GURU | Valuation Multiple GENIUS.

Through his company’s own unique proprietary models, software, and automation strategies; he has created automation that streamlines: sales & marketing, H.R. & people, strategy & finance, and operations. His company, ToolBox.OS has a unique approach to automation, takes manual processes that are time consuming and makes them easy and fast, resulting in more sales, more profits, more time, and smoother running teams. Everything becomes easier.

Their expertise in data-driven marketing gave us the unique opportunity to have clients address all of their software and automation needs. After years of toil, we now have well over 20 tools that automate critical functions of a business and generate massive return on investment for our clients.

Listen to this engaging conversation and how ToolBox offers a “Code For Equity” model.


Also be on the lookout for “G”‘s new podcast called “AUTOPILOT”.

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