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490: Jason Holzer – Shattered by Suicide, Renewed by Resilience
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490: Jason Holzer – Shattered by Suicide, Renewed by Resilience

Jul 19/2020

Jason Holzer is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Post-Traumatic Growth Storyteller/Speaker, Certified Thought Coach and Basketball Coach.

Jason uses the life lessons learned after his father passed away by suicide to inspire others that they too can overcome tragedy. He overcame the heavy emotions of anger, confusion, abandonment and the lingering question of “Why?” and has replaced those emotions with Joy, enthusiasm and a resilient attitude. 

He is a voice for others who have lost a loved one to suicide, helping them move forward after feeling left behind.  He is relatable, understanding, and realizes that even though everyone processes grief differently, we are all in this together. Jason renews faith in others, by serving as an example that life still has so much to offer them, regardless of what suicide has taken from them.

Jason opens up and connects with Lou on Thrive LOUD.


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