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394: Jane Ubell-Meyer – BEDSIDE READING
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394: Jane Ubell-Meyer – BEDSIDE READING

Jan 08/2020

Jane Ubell-Meyer has been a successful television and film producer and entrepreneur.

She comes from three generations of entrepreneurs. Where she has led many different companies in different industries throughout the years.

From PR to Publishing to product placement she has innovated and paved the way for amazing businesses that truly connect brands, businesses and leaders..

In August of 2017 she created Bedside Reading® an innovative program placing books by the bedsides in luxury hotels and in the Media. The goal being to help expand an author’s fanbase and to promote an author’s book in the Media.

Her experiences as a journalist, television & film producer and entrepreneur led her to realize that anyone who is an entrepreneur can always use a roadmap, guidance and help as they journey through the world of being an entrepreneur. 

Listen in as Jane shares her story with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.



checkout the links to Bedside Reading to apply to Jane’s amazing program


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