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369: Greg Alcorn – SAY THIS, NOT THAT
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369: Greg Alcorn – SAY THIS, NOT THAT

Nov 05/2019

America’s communication coach, Greg Alcorn,  CEO of Global Contact Services (GCS) of Salisbury, NC, is the author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say and speaks to thousands of people each year on improving verbal communication at work. His company has 1,000 employees and averages 30,000 customer service conversations every day. GCS, which Alcorn founded in 2001, serves retail, insurance, financial and government clients.

Greg is active in the community serving on boards such as, United Church Homes and Services, North Carolina State Board of Education, Families First, the Novant Rowan Foundation and the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation. He is also active with First Tee of Salisbury, Boy Scouts and the First United Church of Christ. Finally, he is sole member of the Alcorn World Class dishwashing and clean up club.  He is also the creator of “Say This, Not That” Soft Skills program.

Greg connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD and shares some of the dumb things we all say and the words he wants to eliminate from our vocabulary.


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