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368: Rachel Augusta – Women, Witches, Whiskey, and Whiskers
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368: Rachel Augusta – Women, Witches, Whiskey, and Whiskers

Oct 31/2019

Rachel Augusta is a holistic animal practitioner who has the highest levels of certification and is an expert in her field.  Rachel works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, diseased, suffering from old age, or trauma. She’s an animal rights activist, vegan, environmentalist, defender of the innocent, and avenger of the wronged. 

She has been featured by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine. 

She’s a speaker, thought-leader and has an energy, hilarity and awesomeness that makes her the most fun person to hang out with at any time and at any moment…

Rachel took some time out and rescheduled her Korean massage spa treatment to connect with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD to spread her message about the importance of preventative healthcare.


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