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365: Debra Kasowski – Step into Your Potential
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365: Debra Kasowski – Step into Your Potential

Oct 24/2019

Debra Kasowski has the heart of teacher and loves to develop people’s potential through personal and professional development. She believes that personal and professional development are not separate entities.

She is a three-time international bestselling author, speaker and Certified Executive Coach and business strategist.  

She is the charismatic host of the thought-provoking podcast The Millionaire Woman Show.

Debra is committed to enriching the leadership potential of her countless clients, guiding them to go within to capitalize on their true personal power, so they can achieve the measurable success they desire in business, and in life.

You are in for a fortunate stroke of serendipity in listening to world-class training and consulting rockstar Debra Kasowski as she connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.



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