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345: Cathy Karabetsos – GO BIG OR GO BROKE!
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345: Cathy Karabetsos – GO BIG OR GO BROKE!

Sep 10/2019

Cathy Karabetsos is the CEO of QCSS, Inc.  She is also a podcaster, entrepreneur and a mother of 7 children!

Cathy along with her business partner Karin Hall, founded QCSS (Quality Customer Service & Sales) in 1991. Since then Cathy has become a well respected leader among family, friends, employees, and the business community. Cathy prides herself on being a Christian leader. She partakes in Christian leadership groups and more importantly practices what she believes. God is very important to her along with her family. She spends most of her time with her husband Tom & their 7 children. She has spoken at many leadership events and is always networking with others. Cathy is best known for her big heart- she is full of compassion and always is thinking of the needs of others. This is a trait she instills in all who are employed at QCSS.

She shares her whole story with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.



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