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312: $5 Million – The Science of Success, with John Mitchell
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312: $5 Million – The Science of Success, with John Mitchell

Jun 13/2019

John Mitchell’s 12 minute a day Think It Be It technique is recognized today as the “Top Practical Application in the World” of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich. When he applied his technique to his own life, he saw his income go to over $5 million a year. Previously, for 20 years as an entrepreneur, he earned low six figures a year. The 20 times difference happen because his daily technique significantly increased his control over himself, by probably double. It also made him laser focused every day on only the 2-3 things that move the needle in his business. Also allowed him to rapidly evolve his “Strategy for Success”. He was simply operating every day at a higher level than he ever had before, and it showed up in his income. The science behind his technique was profiled in a Time Magazine cover story.

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