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254: Irene Li – Mei Mei Street Kitchen
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254: Irene Li – Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Jan 31/2019

Mei Mei is a sibling-founded restaurant and food truck catering business serving up creative Chinese-American cuisine made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. “Mei mei” (pronounced may-may) means little sister in Chinese. They pride themselves on serving humanely raised meat, produce from small farms, and some of the most creatively delicious street food out there. Their food truck opened in April 2012 and was awarded Boston’s Best Meal on Wheels soon after. Their restaurant, named Eater Boston’s Restaurant of the Year, opened in November 2013 and serves up casual counter style lunch and dinner.

They started Mei Mei Street Kitchen in order to share their passion for food and bring together the power of their diverse experiences like Voltron to create something new and exciting. They’ve taken food they have eaten and loved as children in the past, added modern elements and experiences of the present, and also incorporated practices that fit with their vision of how to do business for a sustainable future.

This interview is with one of Mei Mei’s founders Irene Li who left school early (only to return a few years later to graduate) to get Mei Mei’s Street Kitchen food truck off the ground.  Irene is a member of the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 (Food & Drink).

Listen to Irene’s story,  which was originally shared with Lou Diamond on another podcast he hosts called Fresh from the Hill: Inside Stories of Noteworthy Cornellians.  You’ll understand why she is truly inspiring and epitomizes what Thrive LOUD is all about.


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