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229: Pamela Bell – “We’ve Got Issues”
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229: Pamela Bell – “We’ve Got Issues”

Dec 10/2018

Pamela Bell founded prinkshop using a model she calls “creative capitalism” which proves a business can be both profitable and philanthropic. With the launch of prinkshop’s wear what you care about apparel and accessories, Pamela hoped to turn bystanders into activists and bring together art and commerce. Today, she is proud to tout prinkshop partnerships with global advocacy organizations like Girl Up, the NIRH, the Special Olympics, and Lady Parts Justice and to collaborate with brands like J Crew and West Elm.

Prior to prinkshop Pamela was a founding partner of the global, iconic brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Pamela’s passion for philanthropy and the arts runs deep.

She currently sits on the board of Project Renewal in NYC, a 50 million dollar homeless agency where she co-founded the Bowery Arts Project. The Project’s volunteers teach art classes to homeless addicts. Pamela also sits on the Board of The American Theatre Wing, is a Tony voter, and is a new member of the 3Generations board, a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors tell their stories to the world using film.

Recently, Pamela became a member of the 2018 Council of Fashion Designers of America and is a fellow at the Eugene Lang Entrepreneur Center at The Columbia Business School as well as a Fellow at The Disruptor Foundation.  Above all Pamela is a mother, wife and step-mother.

Listen in to Lou Diamond’s visit with Pamela at prinkshop’s headquarters.

You can shop at prinkshop by clicking the prinkshop logo below.  Use the promo code ‘THRIVELOUD’ to get free shipping for the holiday season.


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