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166: Allison Graham – Resiliency Ninja
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166: Allison Graham – Resiliency Ninja

Aug 12/2018

Allison Graham shows professionals how to grow their business and build profitable relationships. She is a master at helping others overcome obstacles in business. Her bestselling book, From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Profitable Networking & Personal Branding Made Easy is the foundation for her original work. She’s been featured as an authority on business development and networking in the media and her clients include Fortune 500 companies to small financial services firms and start up tech companies to solopreneurs.

Behind the scenes, she’s been dealt a series of difficult blows that magnify the collision between home and work. Her struggles with chronic pain, grief and the internal messenger of B.S. have earned her the moniker, Resiliency Ninja. In her latest book, Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks! Allison makes people feel less alone in their struggles and gives them tools to bounce forward and succeed in the midst of obstacles, adversity and unwanted change.

Her new podcast show is fittingly called Resiliency Ninja and she Thrives LOUD everyday.  You’ll love this conversation between Allison and Lou.



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