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150: Greg Larkin – “This Might Get Me Fired”

Jul 15/2018

Greg Larkin​ began his entrepreneurial life in 2006 when he nearly got fired from an investment start-up, Innovest, for publicly predicting that the booming housing market would collapse. (He wasn't, and it did). As his prediction came true, Innovest’s sales skyrocketed, leading to a $16 million acquisition in 2009. After the buy-out Greg made the tough transition from startup entrepreneur to corporate intrapreneur, learning how to move fast in companies that are often slow, cautious, and hierarchical. Since then, he has built more than thirty products for companies like Google, PWC, Nestle and Bloomberg. He is the founder of Bowery315, a product consultancy which launches new products for huge companies in eight weeks. He is also the Director of Innovation for Spring Design Partners. His new, best-selling book “This Might Get Me Fired” offers an insider perspective on how to thrive as an entrepreneur in a company that’s more afraid of change than extinction. The book has been called “bold,” “practical,” “courageous,” and “provocative.” He grew up in Queens, New York in the ‘80s and still gets nostalgic for when NYC was dangerous and filthy. Today he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two kids AND he's Thrives LOUD with Lou Diamond in this fun episode.

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