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149: The New 60 Comic
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149: The New 60 Comic

Jul 12/2018

ANDY LANDORF, writer, was a veteran of the ad wars for 39 long and (occasionally) wonderful years.  He prefers wearing his heart on his sleeve and insists that is why he never learned to play poker.  He loves comics and making people laugh but says he’s mainly in this for the money (silly boy). He gives this dire warning:  If you are with me, near me or within earshot of me, you are fodder for this strip.

JOHN COLQUHOUN, writer/illustrator and fellow veteran of the ad wars, prefers to keep his heart in his chest (where it belongs).  John enjoys ballroom dancing, carving humorous pumpkins and training his pet flamingo. Actually, only one of those things is true. As if working on this strip didn’t keep him busy enough, John also creates political (and apolitical) cartoons, designs animated characters and is working on several children’s books. On alternate nights, he actually sleeps.

Together they are the creators of the The New 60 Comic that’s about what it’s like to be 60, right now.

Hear them chat with Lou Diamond about how they and this new comic are Thriving LOUD!


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