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141: Two Black Guys With Good Credit
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141: Two Black Guys With Good Credit

Jun 28/2018

TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT is a show about two guys from Canada living in the US for over 20 years (Arlington Forbes in Los Angeles and Shaun Lynda in Brooklyn). Both are business owners with successful track records and, of course, good credit! Each week they will bring you their ‘straight talk’ and at times humorous perspective on making, managing, and protecting your money.  They are joined by “The Lady with the Facts” Dionne Nicholls

TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT AND their business, FINANCIALLY CLEAN, that will educate, entertain, and inspire you to achieve YOUR financial goals.

Enjoy this episode featuring the whole team on one of the most talked about shows in business and in podcasting.  They are all THRIVING LOUD!



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