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101: The Sibling Episode
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101: The Sibling Episode

Apr 10/2018

Audrey Kent is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Private Therapist in NYC and New Jersey with an expertise in all pre-school, elementary and middle school levels. Mother of 3. And has seen Dave Matthews perform too many times to count.

Melissa Feinberg is a career long educator, with more levels of teaching certification than one will ever be able to list here or ever be able to remember.  She is currently an amazing Enrichment Teacher with a focus on teaching technology and higher learning to elementary students as well as her fellow colleagues in her district in Long Island, NY.  She’s a writer, mother of 3 and the last winning Color War General at Camp Anawana.

Oh yeah, they also happen to be Lou Diamond’s two amazing younger sisters!!

In honor of Sibling Day (April 10th) – Lou has brought HIS siblings onto the show to share what the heck it was like growing up with Lou as an older brother.

Topics covered: Dinner at the Diamonds; Having Lou as an older brother; Camp Anawana; Now being parents observing the brother / sister dynamic; Silly 1980s Movies; and of course…SPACEBALLS.

Enjoy this fun chat…

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