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098: Stephen Dash – in’Credible’
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098: Stephen Dash – in’Credible’

Apr 03/2018

Stephen Dash is the Founder and CEO of Credible. He founded Credible because of sheer disbelief at the burden student debt placed on young Americans (a problem that does not exist in his native Australia).

Stephen has led Credible’s strategy and execution since inception, raising more than $23 million in capital, launching the Student Loan Refinancing, Private Student Loan Origination, Personal Loans and Credit Cards Marketplaces, and growing the Credible team to more than 100 people.

Prior to founding Credible, Stephen was an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan, an Investment Director at M.H. Carnegie & Co, and a Co-founder of Quickcharge Media.

Lou helps us all learn more about and Stephen in this fun Thrive LOUD interview.



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