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065: Christian Griffith – Run2Heal
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065: Christian Griffith – Run2Heal

Jan 30/2018

Christian Griffith is a renowned endurance athlete.  A man who is not a fan of routine, not a fan of the status quo, unfounded expectation, nor our current culture’s drive for money, power, and material possessions.

He is by every definition of the two words a survivor and a thriver.

He is the founder of Live For a Living. And is the main figure behind Run2Heal an organization that is aiming to raise $1 million to support Help For Children (HFC) in their mission to prevent and treat child abuse.

In this Run2Heal event, beginning March 15th 2018, Christian is doing a 3000 mile run across the USA to raise awareness and money to help prevent and treat child abuse.

Hear Christian’s personal story and how he is raising awareness to a problem that affects so many boys and girls each and every day.

To support Christian and contribute to this very important cause –  CLICK HERE 




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