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038: songs for seeds – an award winning kids’ music franchise
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038: songs for seeds – an award winning kids’ music franchise

Nov 07/2017

Apple Seeds is the all-in-one play space for children newborn to five years old and their families.  Located in New York, the Apple Seeds name reflects the city where it all started and a belief the founders hold true –> If you plant a seed and tend to it, incredible things will grow.  This principle not only applies to young children that flourish every day at their play space but also to this amazing business led by its four incredible founders.

Hear how Allison, Alison, Craig & Bobby launched a business over 10 years ago and ‘keep moving forward’ as a new franchise business model spawned from Apple Seeds called Songs for Seeds.

Enjoy this episode and click on either of the icons below to learn more about Apple Seeds or to start your own Songs for Seeds franchise.



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