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004: Allen Arakal – The Perpetual Search for Balance
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004: Allen Arakal – The Perpetual Search for Balance

May 16/2017

Allen Arakal takes some time to share his views on the global economy, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and the spirit of balancing the financial world and giving back.


More About Allen:

Allen is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, trader and firm believer in the possible.  A public-school kid who has lived around the world, worked for the greatest mentors and is passionate about giving people a chance.

Allen has 25 years of unique global capital markets expertise. Allen has experience in both investing and running operations on the ground in 4 countries including a wide range of responsibilities across trading, portfolio management, product development, execution and strategic client coverage.

Prior to founding Shamana, Allen was Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Bank of America’s entire India franchise. Based in Mumbai, he oversaw the daily operations of 700 employees in 6 lines of business across 5 offices.

The perpetual search for balance between the old and the new, the fast and the slow, between local and global as well as those who have it all and those who have little is what drives Allen and Shamana…


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