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[mahyl-stohn] a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc.:

In sales, as in life, there are milestones that we reach, accomplishments that we want to remember and moments that we want to reinforce. Here are a few best practices you should try to employ when it comes to milestones in business:

“First Date”
Anyone who is or has been in a long-term relationship remembers their first date:  the location, the time of year, and some even remember the clothes they wore that day.  Consider your first sale or ‘kick-off’ meeting with your client as the ‘first date’ and mark the time the business relationship began.  As the relationship grows and anniversaries are reached with your client, taking a moment to appreciate the milestone is a good idea.  While flowers and cards are not necessary, a simple ‘Thank You for the Business’ is a must.

“Record Book”
Records were meant to be broken.  But to break them we need to make sure we actually KNOW when we achieve them.  Whether it’s a record number of sales transactions or revenues, you should track them and appreciate these milestones.  As a business leader, you should be keeping records of your business goals as well.   When company goals are reached, mark down the date of the milestone moment.  As the years go on, you’ll be able to truly evaluate how much you’ve grown and achieved over time.

“Awards Night”
Team leaders need to set aside an evening on the calendar to recognize milestones achieved during the business year.  Taking time out to have an ‘Awards Night’ to recognize and honor those that have gone above and beyond is incredibly important for morale and future success.  In addition, your team will look forward to Awards Night as a milestone event in and of itself.


Lou Diamond is the Founder & CEO of Thrive – a leading consulting and coaching company helping the best people and companies become even more amazing. He is also the author of the newly released international best-selling book “Master the Art of Connecting“.