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Something just happened that has truly annoyed me. I got off the phone with someone I’ve been doing business with for over a year. The moment our call ended, I received the following email from him.



It’s been way too long since we last spoke. I’m following up with you to see if you had heard about this incredible offer we are running right now. It’s a chance for you to try out our services and show you how we can really help your business grow…”


While it was complete coincidence that I received this boilerplate email message the moment I got off the phone with this individual, this was not the first time this has happened to me. And I’m sure that this has also happened to many of you.


How can I truly believe that this service provider is EVER going to deliver services that focus on my businesses needs if it hasn’t taken the time to scrub its marketing distribution lists and pull out the people THAT ARE ALREADY CLIENTS?!?!?


We all need to put an END to this practice that I call “IMPERSONALIZATION” – the disingenuous attempt to personalize communication when in reality it’s just another a generic sales offering.


Technology, social media, CRM systems, email marketing tools and the global accessibility we have in today’s world are wonderful and, when used properly, can really bring people together. However, if you send the wrong message to the wrong recipient you can impede truly connecting with that person.


‘Impersonalization’ highlights a lack of empathy and shows that you’re not treating your ‘connection’ as a person, but rather as a number.


So I beg you, if you’re trying to personalize your communication to market your products or services you need to FIRST review and double check WHO you are trying to communicate to. Otherwise you run the risk of ruining and potentially losing the relationship you’ve worked so hard to win.


I encourage others to follow this rule and help put an end to Impersonalization across the globe!


Lou Diamond:  Speaker | Author | Podcast Host | Master Connector | Leadership Coach | Consultant | Husband | Dad | CEO of Thrive