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Summer is in full swing.

Rising mercury levels, blooming flowers and white pants sightings are the signs that our prayers have been answered!

With that…it’s time for you to GET OUT…with your clients!!

I don’t mean putting another dinner at some fancy restaurant on the calendar.  I want you to GET OUTSIDE with your clients, prospects and colleagues.

There are so many great ways to conduct business while simultaneously enjoying this amazingly delightful weather.  Why limit the outdoor fun to just the weekend?

Here are just a few suggestions and some important reminders on how you can GET OUT.


TAKE A HIKE –  I mean literally!  Put your new Apple Watch or Fitbit to good use and get to a local trail or nearby mountain with your client or target.  It’s a great way to hike, talk, cut through some issues and enjoy a nice afternoon.


OUTDOOR DINING & DRINKS – Skip the usual crowded, stuff indoor restaurants and pubs and head to a place with outdoor seating.  Call your prospect/client and meet up for a drink or light meal outside.  NOTE:  For those in or near major cities — ROOFTOP bars are a plus!


PLAY BALL!! – Nothing says summer more than hot dogs, cold beer and a baseball game.  But avoice the BIG LEAGUES.  Minor League ballparks are closer to the action, more affordable and you and your clients will have a much more memorable experience:  NOTE:  While tempting, try to minimize your beer intake — you’re still conducting business.


FORE!!!! – While not everyone plays golf, for those that do, this is the best time of year to hit the links.  Enjoy some quality time on the fairways and greens and learn how you can best help your client or what your prospect truly needs.


LACE’EM UP – Whatever your client is into (running, biking, basketball, tennis, etc.), locate a convenient outdoor park, lace up your sneakers and get in a great workout.  It’s a fun way to bond and stay fit with your client.


Remember, GET OUT with your clients because if you don’t…your competition will.


Lou Diamond:  Speaker | Author | Podcast Host | Master Connector | Leadership Coach | Consultant | Husband | Dad | CEO of Thrive