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I can’t concentrate! I keep getting interrupted every time I focus on a deliverable. No, these interruptions are not coming from my colleagues, family members, the construction outside or even my barking dog.

I can’t focus because my devices won’t leave me alone!

We live in an age where technology connects us in so many ways and at so many touch points. Having instant access to EVERYTHING gives us a false sense that we’re multitasking and getting things done faster when we are really spreading ourselves too thin and not focusing on what we set out to accomplish.

Email Alerts, Instant Messages, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter updates pop up on our screens while we’re in the middle of a task. We’ll stop whatever we’re doing to immediately respond to them. By doing so, we’re short changing the quality and focus of the job we initially set out to do.

Unfortunately, these distractions are affecting the daily activities of top sales professionals across the globe — which means new prospects and clients are not receiving the attention they deserve.

Let’s FOCUS.

Here are some helpful suggestions and tactics to deploy to clear your mind and set dead aim.

  1. Time Blocking
    Take 15-20 minutes at the end of each day to block out dedicated time to accomplish specific tasks the NEXT day. Planning effectively will optimize your focus.
  2. Shut Down the Distractions
    Before you start – shut down what you don’t need to accomplish the goal at hand. Whether it’s your Smartphone, email or other web browsers on your screen – only have open what you NEED. Make sure your ‘alerts’ are turned off as well. Smartphones and Computers all have ‘Do Not Disturb’ features. If muting the tools of distraction is not second nature to you, familiarize yourself with them, so it is.

  3. Breathe
    Before you take on any task (a sales call, a client meeting, a presentation or Keynote address) clear your mind with a few deep, soothing breaths. It will dissipate all of the noise and clutter and help you find your path.
  4. Reset
    Once you’ve completed your task, take a minute or two to reset and relax before embarking on the next one. This gives you a chance to re-energize, rest and recharge so you’re equally focused for your next Time Block.

With no distractions and a clear mind you’ll be amazed how focused, efficient and productive you can be.

Your improved work quality will be recognized by your peers, your clients and most importantly, yourself.


Lou Diamond is the Founder & CEO of Thrive – a leading consulting and coaching company helping the best people and companies become even more amazing. He is also the author of the newly released international best-selling book “Master the Art of Connecting“.