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Victories need to be celebrated.

Sports teams and athletes have figured this out.

We see it at every level of competition when important victories are achieved.

Fist pumps, dance moves, high fives, end zone celebrations, primal screams, gatorade dousings…

No where is this more prevalent than in soccer.  Goals are scored so infrequently that when they do happen it’s basically a national holiday.  The athletes live in the moment by celebrating in their own unique way — truly rejoicing and appreciating the moment of triumph.

So why don’t we celebrate the victories we achieve off the sports fields in a similar fashion?

In business, we work just as hard and shouldn’t keep our joy, our passion and excitement bottled up inside when WE win.

In some lines of work, wins don’t come that often, just like goals in soccer.  Appreciating that moment is essential for morale, esteem and for the soul.

For landing that big meeting, for closing the big account, for making the sale… don’t hold back.  Live in the moment and recognize the win.

For me, there is no more authentic way to celebrate than to do a little victory dance.


Lou Diamond is the Founder & CEO of Thrive – a leading consulting and coaching company helping the best people and companies become even more amazing. He is also the author of the newly released international best-selling book “Master the Art of Connecting“.